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tectonism (usually uncountable, plural tectonisms)

  1. The deformation of the Earth's crust due to tectonic activity.
    • 1997 April 25, Nicholas Brozovic et al., “Climatic Limits on Landscape Development in the Northwestern Himalaya”, in Science[1], volume 276, number 5312, →DOI, pages 571-574:
      Next Reports Climatic Limits on Landscape Development in the Northwestern Himalaya Nicholas Brozovi, * Douglas W. Burbank, Andrew J. Meigs The interaction between tectonism and erosion produces rugged landscapes in actively deforming regions.
    • 1997 August 15, John N. Christensen et al., “Climate and Ocean Dynamics and the Lead Isotopic Records in Pacific Ferromanganese Crusts”, in Science[2], volume 277, number 5328, →DOI, pages 913-918:
      Furthermore, changes in continental weathering and riverine contributions to the oceans may also be linked with climate, and hydrothermal inputs vary with tectonism.
    • 1997 August 29, Suzanne E. Smrekar & Ellen R. Stofan, “Corona Formation and Heat Loss on Venus by Coupled Upwelling and Delamination”, in Science[3], volume 277, number 5330, →DOI, pages 1289-1294:
      The thick lithosphere predicted by these models appears to be inconsistent with even a low level of ongoing volcanism and tectonism.