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From tele- +‎ transport.


teletransport (uncountable)

  1. Synonym of teletransportation
    • 1990 July 12, Unger, Peter, Identity, Consciousness and Value, Oxford University Press, →ISBN, page 85:
      Very much as we should certainly discount the happy time-travel response as of no philosophic utility, so we should almost certainly discount the quick response concerning teletransport.
    • 2000, Danish Yearbook of Philosophy, page 57:
      Furthermore, between you immediately before the teletransport and each of these replicants immediately after, there would be very strong psychological connectedness.
    • 2012 December 13, Keen, Logan, House of Gideon: Before the Myth, Abbott Press, →ISBN, page 93:
      Sarah was with Yarwin in the teletransport room. [] One of his great inventions was the long-distance teletransport device.


teletransport (third-person singular simple present teletransports, present participle teletransporting, simple past and past participle teletransported)

  1. Alternative form of teleport
    • 2001, Science Fiction and Organization, →ISBN, page 109; republished United Kingdom: Taylor & Francis, 29 August 2003:
      In the old Star Trek movies man teletransports, rematerializes, in a new cyber-spectacle.
    • 2010 July 20, Daly, Christopher, An Introduction to Philosophical Methods, Broadview Press, →ISBN:
      Again, the thought experiments need to explain how a person could be teletransported from one place to another.
    • 2012 December 13, Keen, Logan, House of Gideon: Before the Myth, Abbott Press, →ISBN, page 91:
      The ship hovered behind the moon of Hades just enough to give them a clear line of sight to teletransport to the planet’s surface.
    • 2016 February 18, Hackett, Anna, Phoenix Adventures Box Set: A SciFi Romance Collection, →ISBN:
      At eighteen hundred hours, Technis time, the two people allowed by the invite will be teletransported to the surface.