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Coined by John Rawls in his 1955 paper “Two Concepts of Rules”. Probably a portmanteau of the Ancient Greek τέλος (télos, result”, “end”, loosely “the greater good) and the English (pun)ish, after telishment.



telish (third-person singular simple present telishes, present participle telishing, simple past and past participle telished)

  1. Lua error in Module:script_utilities at line 264: Tried to write global is_Latin_script Punish (an innocent person) for the sake of deterrence; subject (a person) to telishment.
    • 1955, John Rawls, “Two Concepts of Rules” in The Philosophical Review LXIV, № 1, page 12:
      How is one to limit the risks involved in allowing such systematic deception? How is one to avoid giving anything short of complete discretion to the authorities to telish anyone they like?