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tell +‎ troth (truth)


tell-troth (plural tell-troths)

  1. (obsolete) Alternative spelling of tell-truth
    • 1650, Fuller, Thomas, “The Wilderness of Paran”, in A Pisgah-sight of Palestine and the confines thereof with the history of the Old and New Testament acted thereon[1], book 4, chapter 3, § 37, page 55:
      Hereat the people fall a muttering and whilest Caleb and Ioshua, the onely two Tell-troths, endevoured to undeceive, and incourage the people, instead of stilling them, they had been stoned themselves, if the glorious appearance of God out of the Tabernacle had not seasonably interposed betwixt their innocence, and the fury of the multitude.