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Alternative forms[edit]


tetanization (countable and uncountable, plural tetanizations)

  1. (physiology) The production or condition of tetanus.
    • 1866, Dr. Johannes Ranke, “Tetanus.—A Physiological Study”, in Dublin quarterly journal of medical science, volume 42, page 453:
      Muscle which has been tetanized produces less acid than muscle which has been at rest; in fact the tetanization of muscle seems to consume the acid-forming matter.
    • 2007, Dr. Stewart A. Factor, Parkinson's Disease: Diagnosis & Clinical Management[1], second edition:
      The position of the internal capsule is determined with microelectrodes by its characteristic absence of somatodendritic action potentials and the tetanization produced by stimulating corticospinal tract fibers.
    • 2015, Detlev Boison, Homeostatic Control of Brain Function, page 132:
      Heterosynaptic, long-term plastic changes can be induced in hippocampal and neocortical neurons by intracellular tetanization—bursts of spikes evoked by short, depolarizing pulses applied through the recording electrode.

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