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From thanato- +‎ coenose.


thanatocoenose (plural thanatocoenoses)

  1. A collection of dead life forms that are found together, having previously interacted as a community within an ecosystem.
    • 1977, H. Löffler, ‎D. Danielopol, Aspects of Ecology and Zoogeography of Recent and Fossil Ostracoda, page 454:
      This sort of thanatocoenose is typical of lakes with a semi-arid climate (Early Triassic period in the Kuznetsk Basin, Middle Jurassic- Lower Cretaceous of Middle Asia).
    • 1989, Hans M. Bolli, ‎John B. Saunders, ‎Katharina Perch-Nielsen, Plankton Stratigraphy, Volume 2, page 764:
      The fossil diatom assemblage or thanatocoenose found in sediments typially represents as little as 1-5% ofthe original living assemblage or biocoenose.
    • 2008, R. Lee Lyman, Quantitative Paleozoology, page 23:
      Given that paleozoologists sample the geological record (i.e., where faunal remains are deposited as a particular kind of sedimentary particle), they don't always have a complete thanatocoenose lying on the lab table.


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