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Alternative forms[edit]


  • (file)

Proper noun[edit]

the 'G'

  1. (Australia, informal) The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), situated in Melbourne, Australia
    • 1999 Jenny Zimmer, Joanna Capon & Caroline Field, Anthony Pryor: sculpture & drawings, 1974-1991, Palgrave Macmillan Australia, p201
      When Ted Hopkins wrote his eulogy to the ‘G’ for The Herald Sun, 1 April 1995, he described it as a place where stories are created and legends made, a place of epic footy and mega-concerts that contribute richly to every Melburnian’s general sense of well-being.
    • 2001 Jay Newman, Biblical religion and family values: a problem in the philosophy of culture, Greenwood Publishing Group, p101
      The multigenerational families throughout Australia file off to the footy (again the word football seemed too difficult to say so the word was shortened; the Melbourne Cricket Ground was reduced to the MCG but that was shortened to the “G” – the next permutation will probably be just the sound “gah”) every Saturday afternoon be it Aussie Rules or Rugby.
    • 2005 Garrie Hutchinson, Best Australian Sports Writing 2004, Black Inc., pxii
      And 52 years after Carlton’s failed bid, home games will be shared between the ‘G’ and the Dome.
    • 2008 Donna Wheeler, Lonely Planet Melbourne and Victoria City Guide, Lonely Planet, p67
      It’s one of the great sporting venues, and for many Australians the ‘G’ is hallowed ground.