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theo- (god) (from Ancient Greek θεός (theós, god)) + -crasy (mixing) (from Ancient Greek κρᾶσις (krâsis, mixing”, “tempering))


Homophone: theocracy (IPA(key): /θiːˈɒkɹəsɪ/)


theocrasy (countable and uncountable, plural theocrasies)

  1. (Neopagan theology) Interaction, admixture, and conflation of divine principles.
    • 2007: Isaac Bonewits, Neopagan Rites: A Guide to Creating Public Rituals That Work, chapter 1: “Defining Our Terms”, page 3 (first edition; Llewellyn; ISBN 9780738711997
      Duotheism1 (two deities) is what Neopagans call a religion in which the duotheologians claim that there are two deities, usually of opposite gender, and that all other spirits are aspects or faces of these two, through a process known as theocrasy2 (deity mingling).

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