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theolog(y) +‎ -ist


theologist (plural theologists)

  1. A theologian; one who is skilled in, professes or practices that which relates or pertains to God.
    • 1763 August 6, Elizabeth Carter, personal correspondence, in Montagu Pennington, Memoirs of the Life of Mrs. Elizabeth Carter […], Volume I, F. C. and J. Rivington (1808), page 319,
      She told me with great joy and simplicity, that an English lady had told her, that our religion was very much alike. I think it is very possible that she fancied us to be Heathens or Turks, before this profound theologist set her right.
    • 1884, William Chatterton Coupland, Translator's Preface to Eduard von Hartmann, Philosophy of the Unconscious: Speculative Results According to the Inductive Method of Physical Science, Volume I, MacMillan and Co., page viii,
      What would you have, says the scientist, but an ever-widening view of Nature's operations?—is it not enough, cries the theologist, to be sure that there is a God, although "His ways are past finding out?"
    • 2006, Syafiq Hasyim, Understanding Women in Islam: An Indonesian Perspective, Equinox Publishing, →ISBN, page 32,
      Besides being known as a theologist, he [Al-Razi] was noted for being a person of great farid (beauty). ¶ Al-Razi was an intellectual leader (imam) in the fields of Qur'anic exegesis, Islamic theology, rational sciences, and linguistics.