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From theosophy +‎ -ist.


  • Hyphenation: the‧o‧so‧phist


theosophist (plural theosophists)

  1. an advocate of, or believer in theosophy.
    • 1662, More, Henry, “A brief discourse of the nature, causes, kinds, and cure of enthusiasm”, in A collection of several philosophical writings, 2nd edition, London: Flesher, page 30, or, § xliv:
      What can it be but the heaving of the Hypochondria that lifts up the Mind to such high comparisons from a supposition so false and foolish? But I have observed generally of Chymists[sic] and Theosophists, as of feveral other men more palpably mad, that their thoughts are carried much to Astrology, it being a fancifull study built upon very slight grounds, and indeed I do not queftion, but a relique of the ancient superstition and Idolatry amongst the rude Heathens, which either their own Melancholy, or something worse, instructed them in.
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