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From thing +‎ -o.


thingo (plural thingos)

  1. (Australia) A thingamajig; something the name of which is unknown or cannot be recalled.
    • 2004 December, AUUGN, page 12,
      WindowsTM and MicrosoftTM®; apparently are registered trademark thingos belonging to Microsoft Corporation.
    • 2005, Liz Byrski, Food, Sex and Money[1], page 386:
      ‘Cup of coffee, Bonnie?’ Tan asked, appearing immediately at her side.
      ‘Camomile tea, I think,’ she said. ‘And one of those new orange and almond thingos that Fran and Sean were trying out.’
    • 2010, Deb Fitzpatrick, 90 Packets of Instant Noodles[2], page 68:
      All those scanning thingos at the front of the store don′t make any difference if you know how to handle them.