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threat +‎ -scape


threatscape (plural threatscapes)

  1. The various possible threats, the spectrum of possible threats.
    • The Risk Digest from Forum on Risks to the Public in Computers and Related Systems archived at [1], post by Barrett, Michael
      "...which made me realize that perhaps there isn't a common agreement amongst the infosec industry about the threatscape and how we should prioritize our response to them."
    • 2001 March 1, Angela Genusa, “12 Keys For Locking Up Tight”, in CIO[2]:
      6. Survey the threatscape. To adequately secure their companies, CIOs need to understand and monitor all the dangers [...]
    • 2006 Brian T. Contos, "Enemy at the water cooler: real-life stories of insider threats ..." - Page 91
      "In my opinion, given today's threatscape, thinking of not doing anything regarding ESM is as antiquated as thinking that a firewall or even passwords aren't needed.
    • 2007 David Harley, "AVIEN malware defense guide for the Enterprise" - Page 58
      "When we emerge, blinking in the sunlight, from the Malware Museum, we find that some of these bots on the threatscape are still with us in some form."
    • 2010 Richard Stiennon, "Surviving cyberwar" - Page 146-7
      "While the Obama administration has vocalized its intent to create a cyber security coordinator, future administrations will need to institute a more powerful role to oversee all government cyber security measures and reactions to a rapidly changing cyber threatscape."