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thrill +‎ -y



thrilly (comparative thrillier, superlative thrilliest)

  1. exciting, producing a thrill.
    • 1970, Germaine Greer, The Politics Of Female Sexuality
      To know it is to feel it, the clitoris so complicated and so clever, as thrilly as a high-tension wire. In its nest within a nest like the word within a word. The bud in its calyx in the vales where the big lips cleave away from the slopes of the Mount of Venus. This is carnal knowledge.
    • 1995, Timothy Leary, High Priest
      ...I saw his eyes inside the mask smiling at me and right there at that moment everything became okay, exultant new world vision, a new thrilly freedom down down down in the blue glass light world.
    • 2004, Iceberg Slim, Airtight Willie & Me
      Thrilly jolts of ecstasy electrified his junkie loins. His fancy-prancy equine stride took him a half block down the ghetto street into the dingy foyer of a tenement building.