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thrink (uncountable)

  1. (dated) Eye dialect spelling of drink
    • 1883, Ezekiel Rogers, Fighting to victory, page 139:
      My frinds, we 'av' liv'd we' ye a long time, an' we wish ye well this evenin', If Patsy can do without the thrink, you can.
    • 1884, Benjamin Charles Jones, Allegories, discourses, dissertations [&c.] on fact and fiction:
      Och ! an' aven agaiust a shprig of shillelagh, in some parts of ould Ireland ; and that's how they originally mixed op that sart of warship in Tipperary with the good Christian warship of the rale Jasus, an' sure, didn't Father Marphy ixplain arle this when he came a-praiching abote the wicked thrink carled whiskey, the dradful sparit of the devil ; every praist that came to us was a Curete, and we had fair chance of being saved until the horrid Saxons took 'em from us, and carled 'em Curates, and kept them in thondering England ever since.
    • 1887, Charles Thomas Samuel Birch-Reynardson, Sports & Anecdotes of Bygone Days in England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, and the Sunny South, page 259:
      In the days long ago, when I used to frequent the Land of Praties, and, with my fishing-rod on my shoulder, poke my nose into various out-of-the-way places, there was poteen to be had ; and a mighty pleasant thrink it was, provided that it was not too new. Parliament whiskey was hot, smoky stuff, and set your inner man on fire unless taken wwith the materials.
    • 1906, New-Church Messenger - Volume 91, page 142:
      I have been thraveling all over the world and have been working for lots of money, but can't save a cent, all for this thrink.



  1. Eye dialect spelling of drink
    • 1955, Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, Inqilab, page 177:
      "Thonchoo worry, preence', she lisped in her imitation French accent." He weel thrink buth only from the handh of lettle Lucy.