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Blend of thug +‎ skulduggery


thugduggery (uncountable)

  1. unscrupulous behavior or illegal machinations.
    • 1923, The Magazine of Wall Street and Business Analyst:
      Her thugduggery with the mark has not lessened the suspicion with which the world at large regards her.
    • 1932, The New Yorker - Volume 8, page 52:
      "Dancers in the Dark," a temperate underworld concoction involves a shooting and some thugduggery but is mostly concerned with the noble and superior love of a “taxi dancer" (Miriam Hopkins) and a saxophone player.
    • 2004, Ruth Plumly Thompson, Ojo in Oz:
      A fine example you are to a growing boy, with your lawless advice and thugduggery.