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Ctenolepisma longicaudata (long-tailed silverfish)


Thysanura +‎ -an


thysanuran (plural thysanurans)

  1. Any of various insects, including the silverfish and firebrats, of the order Thysanura (now Zygentoma), which have three long caudal filaments.
    • 1984, Robert N. Coulson, Forest Entomology: Ecology and Management[1], page 59:
      The best known and most often seen thysanurans are the two domesticated species: silverfish and firebrat.
    • 1989, May Berenbaum, Ninety-nine Gnats, Nits, and Nibblers[2], page 21:
      As insects go, thysanurans are about as primitive as an arthropod can get and still be considered an insect.
    • 2008, Timothy J. Bradley, Saline-water Insects: Ecology, Physiology and Evolution, Jill Lancaster, Robert A. Briers, Aquatic Insects: Challenges to Populations: Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society's 24th Symposium, page 22,
      Marine thysanurans are another abundant and highly successful group of apterygotes able to exploit the ocean shore.


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