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From French titrer, from titre (title, quality, chemical proportion).



titrate (third-person singular simple present titrates, present participle titrating, simple past and past participle titrated)

  1. (transitive, analytical chemistry) To ascertain the amount of a constituent in a solution (or other mixture) by measuring the volume of a known concentration (the "standard solution") needed to complete a reaction.
    • 2005, Martin Torgoff, Can't Find My Way Home, Simon & Schuster, published 2005, page 122:
      He was obsessed with making LSD even purer than Sandoz, producing it first in powder form in gelatin capsules as well as light-blue liquid (“Mother's Milk”) that was easily recognizable when titrated onto sugar cubes.
  2. (medicine) To adjust the amount of a drug consumed until the desired effects are achieved.
    • A 5mg dose could not ease the pain, so he titrated to 10mg which brought him immediate relief.

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