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From Old Swedish thienst, þiǣnist, þiānist (service, decoration of honor), from Proto-Germanic *þewanōstaz. Akin to German Dienst, Dutch dienst.


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tjänst c

  1. a service
    en medalj för lång och trogen tjänst
    "a medal for for service and devotion" (literally: "a medal for long and faithful service")
  2. a position, a job, an employment, especially a public office (including jobs such as permanently employed teachers)
    Jag har haft olika vikariat, men jag hoppas snart få en tjänst.
    "I have had temporary employments, replacing people on leaves, but I hope soon getting a permanent position."


Declension of tjänst 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative tjänst tjänsten tjänster tjänsterna
Genitive tjänsts tjänstens tjänsters tjänsternas

Related terms[edit]