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Alternative forms[edit]




  • IPA(key): /tiː ˌɛl diː ˈɑː(ɹ)/
  • (file)



  1. (chiefly Internet slang) Initialism of too long; didn't read. Used to indicate that one did not read a (long) text.
  2. (chiefly Internet slang) Initialism of too long; didn't read. Used to introduce a short summary of an overly long text.
    Synonyms: BLUF, summary
    • 2016, John Halstead, Godless Paganism:
      How I got to be an atheist is a fairly long and winding story, so I'll give you the “tl;dr” version—I was finally honest about myself that “the gods” just “weren't there.”
    • 2018 May 30, Hadley Freeman, “The meaning of beige tights: they show what the Windsors will do to Meghan”, in The Guardian[1]:
      Incidentally, my absolutely favourite headline about the Duchess of Sussex’s new coat of arms was: “Will Meghan Markle’s new California-inspired coat of arms convince millennials to embrace traditional heraldry?” Tl;dr, no!

Related terms[edit]



tl;dr (plural tl;drs)

  1. (slang) A summary; the long and short, the gist.
    I know that was quite a long ramble, but the TL;DR is that I got fired.


tl;dr (third-person singular simple present tl;dr's, present participle tl;dr'ing, simple past and past participle tl;dr'ed or tl;dr'd)

  1. (transitive, slang) To provide a short summary of (a text or event).
    • 2014 June 17, Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, “Here's How To Teach The Liberal Arts To High Schoolers”, in Forbes[2]:
      Extracts or overviews should be substituted as needed. But insofar as possible, the whole books should be read. First of all, because many thinkers simply cannot be tl;dr'd. Second of all, because wrestling with, and immersing yourself in, and just reading through whole books is part of the education.
    • 2021 June 30, Makena Kelly, “Hasan Piker on the problem with YouTube debate culture”, in The Verge[3]:
      I’ll tell you another thing that’s ironic about the Vidal-Buckley debates. Those debates can be TLDR’d into one of them calling the other “queer” as a pejorative and then the other calls the other a “fascist.”
    • 2021 August 20, Amy Kaufman et al., “‘Ted Lasso’ wrote a love letter to romantic comedies. We break down ‘rom-communism’”, in Los Angeles Times[4]:
      Fortunately, Sutton Stracke soon emerged from her bedroom to tell her friends that she had, in fact, read the entire story. Kyle instantly begged her friend to TL;DR the “in-depth exposé,” which she deemed “so friggin’ long.”
    • 2022 December 20, Louis Ashworth, “Turning Japanese?: One last rug pull before retirement”, in Financial Times[5]:
      Royal Bank of Canada’s economics team have tl;dr’d why JGBs and the yen have had a fun morning: “it will be hard for markets not to see this move as a precursor for tightening policy”.

See also[edit]



Borrowed from English tl;dr.



  1. (Internet slang) Introduces a summary.


Other forms:

    • 2011 September 15, "Rune Broberg" (username), "Sponsorer til LASER projektet", in Open Space Aarhus
      TLDR: Bestyrelsen bestemmer hvad der er OSAA-projekter, og de bør finde (og offentliggøre) nogle retningslinier, f.eks. ved at holde et møde om det.
      TLDR: The board decides what [projects] are OSAA projects, and they should find (and publish) some guidelines, e.g. by having a meeting about it.
    • 2016 April 4, "Flemming Frandsen" (username), ""TL$3BDR"$20"med"/openspaceaarhus/WK-tfeSTOMs/BFRU6_2oCAAJ 3D resin printer", in Open Space Aarhus
      TL;DR: Lad være med at drikke det:)
      TL;DR: Don't drink it. :)
    • 2013 June 5, "jacob.lykke" (username), "!search/"TL$3BDR"$20"med"/ve-dag-for-ungenergi/XqTJGsE36OU/fLT4dYzvqhMJ plakater.]", in VE-dag for UngEnergi
      tl:dr - se vedhæftede og kom med feedback.
      tl:dr - see the attached [file] and give feedback.
    • 2012 January 20, "Casper Klenz-Kitenge" (username), "!search/"TL$3BDR"$20"med"/copenhagen-ruby-user-group/DZ-3m9YaAI0/81vSgItDi9gJ Job: Rails udvikler @, Kbh K]", in Copenhagen Ruby Brigade

      * Du bliver tredje udvikler, og får stor indflydelse på din hverdag

      * You will be third developer, and will have a large influence on your workday.
    • 2009 October 1, "larsgj" (username), ""TL$3BDR"$20"med"/dk.fritid.foto/kIzpzyCpjis/tjaU2LkseNkJ Billigste (næsten) vandtætte kamera - alternativer til Pentax?", in dk.fritid.foto
      Hvad er det billigste vandtætte kamera ...
      What is the cheapest waterproof camera ...