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  1. present participle of toboggan
    • 1902: Alice Caldwell Hegan Rice, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
      A cascade of small, indignant girls were tobogganing sidewise down the incline.
    • 1916: William John Thomas, (John) Doran, Henry Frederick Turle, Joseph Knight, Vernon Horace Rendall, Florence Hayllar, Notes and Queries
      I froze my toes some years ago, while tobogganing, and was unaware of it until I took off my shoe and walked across the room, when the unusual noise on the boards attracted my attention.
    • 2006: Keith Dixon, Altered Life
      I can't win, can I? You think I'm posh and my folks think I'm tobogganing down-market faster than the royal family.


tobogganing (usually uncountable, plural tobogganings)

  1. The use of toboggans, historically for transport, but now usually for pleasure or for organised sport.
    • 1876: Elisée Reclus, Ernest George Ravenstein, A. H. (Augustus Henry) Keane, The Earth and Its Inhabitants: The Universal Geography
      As elsewhere in Canada, winter is the festive season, given up to sledging, skating, "tobogganning," and other outdoor exhilarating amusements.
    • 2004: Natalie M Rosinsky, The Algonquin
      Today's Olympic sport called luge is a form of tobogganing.
    • 2006: Brenda Koller, The Canadian Rockies Adventure Guide
      There are many winter activities if skiing or snowboarding aren't on your list — guided scenic motorcoach tours, horse-drawn sleigh rides, Johnston Canyon icewalks, ice-fishing, snowshoeing, skating, tobogganing, and more.