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The use of todd derives from the name Todd as a reference to Middle English [Term?] (fox). The common term for a male fox, dog, could be confused for the gender-neutral term for a domesticated canine.


todd (plural todds)

  1. (furry jargon) A male fox.
    • 2001, "Tara", FUR: Bound Ponytodd on Riding Hitch (on Internet newsgroup fur.artwork.erotica)
      There's a lot of other bound todds here:
    • 2001, "Erik Mouse", Kane Fox Origin (on Internet newsgroup
      I was told that I may have created or made a spiritual friend when I was a little boy in my grandma's house. Since that[sic] many todds have lived in and passed through my grandma's house, the house has the essence of the todds which gave the spiritual friend the form of a fox.

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