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A variant of tadger, perhaps related to dialectal todge (anything of a thick consistency), todgey (short and fat).



todger (plural todgers)

  1. (UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, colloquial) A penis.
    Synonyms: tadger; see also Thesaurus:penis
    • 2005, Alexis James, Into the Woods: Erotic Fairytales and Other Stories, Lulu, US, page 150,
      A virgin you are and a virgin you will remain until your 18th birthday, whereupon you shall crave your first cock, taste your first todger, knuzzle your first knob and this shall be your undoing.
    • 2008, Ashley Hames, Sin Cities: Adventures of a Sex Reporter, Tonto Books, UK, page 66,
      I′ve even been in bed with a girl who, on clapping her eyes on my todger, looked up at me. ‘Your willy′s not very big is it?’ she said.
    • 2011, Calvin Wade, Forever Is Over, AuthorHouse, UK, page 8,
      As stated previously, boys think with their todgers and I had become a decent looking young girl, so I naturally understood my vagina had magnetic charms to a penis.
    • 2023, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Spare[1], Penguin Random House, →ISBN:
      I showed him my todger, softened by Elizabeth Arden.

Derived terms[edit]