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From toe +‎ hold.



toehold (plural toeholds)

  1. (rock climbing) A foothold small enough to support just the toe.
  2. (by extension) Any small advantage which allows one to make significant progress.
    • 1990, Peter Hopkirk, The Great Game, Folio Society 2010, p. 151:
      Were Herat to fall to the Persians, this would give the Russians a crucial and dangerous toe-hold in western Afghanistan.
    • 2009, Alan Travis, The Guardian, 8 Dec 2009:
      One in three "adult-kids" who have not left the parental nest say they are still living at home because they cannot afford to get a toehold on the property ladder by buying or renting.
  3. (wrestling) A hold in which the aggressor bends back the opponent's foot.