toey as a Roman sandal

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Open-toed sandals were worn in Ancient Rome.


toey as a Roman sandal (not comparable)

  1. (Australia, simile, informal) Extremely anxious for sex.
    • 2003 November 14, “TUGBOAT”, post to the topic Front-yard frolics upset neighbours, HAHA only in qld,
      Old man can't get it up, can't afford the big V on the pension, toey as a roman sandal, sees a couple going for it on the front lawn, takes it as a personal insult "in your face gramps" then calls the LEO's in to break it up. —
    • 2006, Patrick Lindsay, Heart of a Champion: The Greg Welch Story, unnumbered page,
      He looked at these girls and said, “Those bastards over there are racing and I'm stuck in this stupid thing, and God, I'm as toey as a Roman sandal, and gee, you chicks are looking all right.” Needless to say, he went off with one of the girls and didn′t come back.
    • 2006, Leigh Redhead, Rubdown, 2007
      ‘I’ve got to tell you, twenty-four hours of abstinence and I’m toey as a Roman sandal.’