tomorrow is another day

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tomorrow is another day

  1. Tomorrow will bring new opportunities and a fresh start for one's endeavors.
    • 1600, author unknown, "Phillidaes Love-call to her Coridon, and his replying" (song), in England's Helicon, printed at London by I.R. for John Flasket:
      Phil. Yonder comes my Mother, Coridon,
      whether shall I flie?
      Cor. Under yonder Beech my lovely one,
      while she passeth by.
      Say to her thy true-Love was not heere,
      remember, remember,
      to morrow is another day:
    • 1896, Amelia E. Barr, chapter 8, in A Knight of the Nets:
      "Well, well, my dear lass, to-night we cannot work, but we may sleep. . . . Keep a still heart tonight, and tomorrow is another day."
    • 1936, Margaret Mitchell, chapter 63, in Gone with the Wind:
      "Tomorrow, I'll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day."
    • 2005 June 19, Fran Schumer, "JERSEY: In Princeton, Taking On Harvard's Fuss About Women," New York Times, (retrieved 18 Aug 2009):
      "Half of me is depressed—the idea didn't work out—and half is hopeful. Tomorrow is another day and maybe something will work then."


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