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toon (cartoon) +‎ -er (Variety -er)


tooner (plural tooners)

  1. (entertainment industry) An animated film or TV show.
    • 1997, Film review:
      In Hollywood, director Chris Columbus is still high on making Marvel's Fantastic Four for summer of 98 - the same target for German tooners
    • 2007 June 29, “Transformers an exciting thrill ride”, in Reuters:
      A 1986 animated movie was based on the original "Transformers" television show, which was based, of course, on the popular multiform robot toy line. It didn't go over well at the boxoffice. (That tooner, incidentally, was set in 2005.)
    • 2009 June 12, John Hopewell, “3-D reaches a tipping point in Europe”, in Variety:
      A dozen or more 3-D films, five of which hail from Europe, hit Cannes' market. At least 20 3-D indie pics, including pioneering Euro 3-D tooners "Holy Night!" from Spain's Dygra, and Pascal Herold's "Cinderella," are now in production.
    • 2010 October 14, Carl DiOrio, “'Despicable Me' tops Friday with $21.7 mil”, in Hollywood Reporter:
      Disney's 3D tooner "Toy Story 3" grossed $6.8 million in fourth place on Friday
  2. A person involved in the production of animated works or cartoons.
    • 2004, Laurie Rozakis, The complete idiot's guide to creative writing, page 235:
      Tooners must also be able to appeal to children without talking down to them or talking over their heads. There are many different kinds of animation writing.
  3. A fan of cartoons or animated works.