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toss +‎ -able


tossable (comparative more tossable, superlative most tossable)

  1. Suitable for being tossed or thrown.
    • 2001, Instructor (volume 111)
      For Toss It, I use a ball that looks like a globe, but any soft tossable item will work.
  2. Suitable for throwing away; disposable.
    • 2004, William C. Banfield, Black notes: essays of a musician writing in a post-album age
      CDs seem so tiny to me, so dispensable and exchangeable, so tossable and tradable, like a baseball card or something.
  3. (automotive) Nimble, maneuverable, responding quickly to steering input.
    • 2013, Wall Street Journal, "Nissan Versa Note Isn't Worth the Cost at Any Price" (October 4, 2013)
      But both those cars are nippy, fun, willing, cinched-down, pretty tossable little cars.