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tough-minded (comparative more tough-minded, superlative most tough-minded)

  1. Not distracted from actual facts by enticements, intimidation, or sentimentality; steadfast in one's actions, commitments, beliefs, etc.
    • 1920, F. Scott Fitzgerald, "Benediction":
      [T]his was the Society of Jesus, founded in Spain five hundred years before by a tough-minded soldier who trained men to hold a breach or a salon, preach a sermon or write a treaty, and do it and not argue.
    • 1960 Aug. 29, "Great Britain: Somebody Out There Likes Us," Time:
      Britain's Peregrine Worsthorne, 36, is a tough-minded Tory journalist with scant regard for preconceived opinions—his own or anybody else's.
    • 2003 March 28, Paul Krugman, "Delusions of Power," New York Times (retrieved 5 July 2012):
      They considered themselves tough-minded realists, and regarded doubters as fuzzy-minded whiners.