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Alternative forms[edit]

  • town-wide


town +‎ -wide


townwide (not comparable)

  1. Extending throughout a town.
    • 2007 June 19, Michelle York, “Unwanted Result of Ballot Confusion: A Beerless Town”, in New York Times[1]:
      Their desire to serve beer and wine led to an unintended townwide beer ban.



townwide (not comparable)

  1. Throughout a town.
    • 1994, Ethan Mordden, How Long Has This Been Going On?, St. Martin's Press, →ISBN, page 158:
      The two boys became inseparable so early on that they were known townwide as “the Twins.”
    • 2007, Patricia Joan O. Horsey & Carrie E. Schreiber, Chronological History of Chestertown, Maryland: 1900-1993, AuthorHouse, →ISBN, page 98:
      The Town appointed a Parking Study Committee to address complaints townwide.
    • 2010, Peter G. Furth et al., "Parking Lane Width and Bicycle Operating Space", Transportation Research Record, volume 2190, page 46:
      In 2008, Brookline police gave 119 citations townwide for parking more than 12 in. from the curb, indicating at least a modest level of enforcement.