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From trachea (xylem vessel) +‎ -phyte (plant).



tracheophyte (plural tracheophytes)

  1. (botany): Any plant possessing vascular tissue (xylem and phloem), including ferns, conifers, and flowering plants.
    • 1997, Karl J. Niklas, The Evolutionary Biology of Plants[1], page 179:
      By virtue of the presence and absence of vascular tissues, the tracheophytes and the bryophytes were also considered two distinctly different levels of anatomical organization. Largely for these reasons, the bryophytes and the tracheophytes are traditionally viewed as two distinct lineages, though they trace their evolutionary history back to a common ancestor.
    • 2010, P. K. Strother, Thomas Servais, Marco Vecoli, The effect of terrestrialization on marine ecosystems: the fall of CO2, Marco Vecoli, Gaël Clément, B. Meyer-Berthaud (editors), The Terrestrialization Process, page 40,
      The tracheophytes (vascular land plants) have a fossil record beginning in the Wenlock (Edwards et al. 1983).
    • 2012, Philippe Steemans, Elodie Petus, Pierre Breuer, Paula Mauller-Mendlowicz, Philippe Gerrienne, Paleozoic Innovations in the Micro- and Megafossil Plant Record: From the Earliest Plant Spores to the Earliest Seeds, John A. Talent (editor), Earth and Life: Global Biodiversity, Extinction Intervals and Biogeographic Perturbations Through Time, page 443,
      There is a clear relationship between tracheophytes and trilete spores, but not with cryptospores.



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