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Back-formation from transclusion.



transclude (third-person singular simple present transcludes, present participle transcluding, simple past and past participle transcluded)

  1. (programming) To substitute a template or other input for its rendered text, such as when parsing wikitext. To include by transclusion. To process fetched data in-line.
    Synonyms: interpolate, mirror
    • 1999 December, Ted Nelson, “Xanalogical Structure, Needed Now More than Ever: Parallel Documents, Deep Links to Content, Deep Versioning, and Deep Re-Use”, in ACM Computing Surveys, volume 31, number 4es, DOI:10.1145/345966.346033:
      Transcopyright, Permission to Transclude Publicly.
    • 2008, John Broughton, Wikipedia: The Missing Manual, O'Reilly Media, →ISBN, page 424:
      Finally, at the very bottom of the edit window is a list of transcluded pages—generally, but not always, these are templates (page 17).
    • 2012, Julie A. Jacko, editor, Human Computer Interaction Handbook, third edition, CRC Press, →ISBN, page 571:
      That exception is the HTML <IMG> tag–which transcludes an image into the context of the document. The image itself is neither embedded within the document nor copied—it is transcluded.