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Template for drawing measured circles


Alteration of templet, probably from French templet, diminutive of temple (a weaver's stretcher), from Latin templum (a small timber, tie-beam, a purlin), from Proto-Indo-European *temp- (to pull, stretch). Alteration of second syllable due to analogy with plate. Cognate with Faroese tamba (to stretch out, relax), Icelandic þamb (a stretched, bloated, or extended belly).



template (plural templates)

  1. A physical object whose shape is used as a guide to make other objects.
  2. A generic model or pattern from which other objects are based or derived.
  3. (molecular biology) A macromolecule which provides a pattern for the synthesis of another molecule.
    • 2002, S. Lottin et al., “Thioredoxin post-transcriptional regulation by H19 provides a new function to mRNA-like non-coding RNA”[1], Nature, volume 21, number 10: 
      Classically, the functional product of coding genes is a protein whose synthesis is directed by an mRNA-template.


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template (third-person singular simple present templates, present participle templating, simple past and past participle templated)

  1. To set up or mark off using a template.
    • 1994, Howard I. Chapelle, Boatbuilding[2], ISBN 0393035549, page 368:
      Only that part of the floor timber that bears on the planking and keel need be templated; []
  2. To provide a template or pattern for.

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