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boilerplate ‎(comparative more boilerplate, superlative most boilerplate)

  1. Describing text of a standard or routine nature.
    The contract contained all the usual boilerplate clauses.
  2. Used to describe a non-functional spacecraft used to test configuration and procedures.
    A boilerplate spacecraft was used to test the rocket


boilerplate ‎(plural boilerplates)

  1. A sheet of steel used in the construction of a boiler.
  2. The rating-plate or nameplate required to be affixed to a boiler by the (UK) Boiler Explosions Act (1882)
  3. A plate attached to industrial machinery, identifying information such as manufacturer, model number, serial number, and power requirements.
  4. (computing) Standard text or program code used routinely and added with a text editor or word processor; text of a legal or official nature added to documents or labels.
    They put that boilerplate on all the warning labels.



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