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Alternative forms[edit]


trans- +‎ create or Back-formation from transcreation. (Etymology 1)

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transcreate (third-person singular simple present transcreates, present participle transcreating, simple past and past participle transcreated)

  1. To transfer the creative elements of a work into another culture or language.
    • 1961, Writers Workshop, page 29:
      At a guess, this is a later and more successful development from the earlier attempts to transcreate abstract Indian imagery into English
    • 1986 October 20, “Agency Mulls Economic Question”, in South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
      "We need someone to trans-create, rather than translate our advertising for the Hispanic market, especially in Dade," said Sandy Tapper, NCNB advertising
    • 1988, World Englishes: WE., volume 7-8, page 331:
      Even Raja Rao's, Serpent and the Rope, is much less successful in its attempt to transcreate a Sanskrit structure into English.
    • 2004, Sujit Mukherjee; Meenakshi Mukherjee, Translation as recovery, page 140:
      ... saying under my breath as it were: Let him transcreate as much as he likes but allow me merely to translate.

Derived terms[edit]