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transitory +‎ -ly



  1. (degree, manner) In a transitory way.
    • 1762, Kames, Henry Home, Elements of Criticism, published 1819, page 147:
      With regard to similes of this kind, it will readily occur to the reader that when a resembling subject is once properly introduced in a simile, the mind is transitorily amused with the new object, and is not dissatisfied with the slight interruption.
    • 1960, Hoerber, William Leonard, A Scientific Foundation of Philosophy, page 76:
      All parts of the experienced world are experienced transitorily. They appear and disappear.
    • 2001, McCulloch, Neil; Winters, L[eonard] Alan; Cirera, Xavier, Trade Liberalization and Poverty: A Handbook, page 149:
      Most transitorily poor households are substantially better off than chronically poor households.
    • 2008, Eckardt, Frank, Media and urban space: understanding, investigating and approaching mediacity, page 17:
      It is not a permanent space: it transitorily colonizes public urban space, overlapping and somehow replacing it.