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transjective (not comparable)

  1. Transcending the distinction between subjective and objective, or referring to a property not of the subject or the environment but a relatedness co-created between them.
    • 2009, Christie Walter Rinehart, Love and Compassion, page 73:
      The existential therapist must not only cultivate an understanding of transpersonal love; he must also develop a perspective that is neither subjective nor objective but, rather, one that is transjective.
    • 2016, Kaustuv Roy, Limits of the Secular: Social Experience and Cultural Memory, page 80:
      This space, which is also process at the same time, is neither subjective nor objective, but could be called transjective; it simultaneously forms the basis of our orientation and action.
  2. (mathematics) Corresponding to shifts of preprojective and preinjective modules.
    • 2016, Ibrahim Assem, Ralf Schiffler, Khrystyna Serhiyenko, “Modules over cluster-tilted algebras that do not lie on local slices”, in arXiv[1]:
      We characterize the indecomposable transjective modules over an arbitrary cluster-tilted algebra that do not lie on a local slice, and we provide a sharp upper bound for the number of (isoclasses of) these modules..
  3. Relating to transjection