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trans- +‎ -phobic



transphobic (comparative more transphobic, superlative most transphobic)

  1. Exhibiting transphobia.
    • 1999, Leslie Feinberg, Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue:
      And it too closely parallels transphobic attacks that charge: "Once a man, always a man; once a woman, always a woman."
    • August 24 2021, Shon Faye, “‘I feel like it’s quite shaky acceptance’: trans kids and the fight for inclusion”, in The Guardian:
      When 64% of trans pupils say they are bullied for being LGBTQ+ at school, almost half of those bullied never tell anyone about it, and 46% say they hear transphobic language “frequently” at school, it’s fair to say there is a crisis in our education system around tackling bullying, violence, harassment and social exclusion.