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Latin numbers (edit)
 ←  200 CCC
400  → 
    Cardinal: trecentī, trecentum
    Ordinal: trecentēsimus
    Distributive: trecēnus

Alternative forms

  • Symbol: CCC



From trēs (three) + centum (hundred).





trecentī (feminine trecentae, neuter trecenta); first/second-declension numeral, plural only

  1. three hundred; 300
    • c. 52 BCE, Julius Caesar, Commentarii de Bello Gallico 5.9:
      Caesar exposito exercitu et loco castris idoneo capto, ubi ex captivis cognovit quo in loco hostium copiae consedissent, cohortibus decem ad mare relictis et equitibus trecentis, qui praesidio navibus essent []
      Caesar, having disembarked his army and chosen a convenient place for the camp, when he discovered from the prisoners in what part the forces of the enemy had lodged themselves, having left ten cohorts and 300 horse at the sea, to be a guard to the ships, hastens to the enemy []

Usage notes


Used as a plural adjective. For more information see Appendix:Latin cardinal numerals.



First/second-declension adjective, plural only.

Number Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative trecentī trecentae trecenta
Genitive trecentōrum trecentārum trecentōrum
Dative trecentīs
Accusative trecentōs trecentās trecenta
Ablative trecentīs
Vocative trecentī trecentae trecenta



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