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The tree-lined grassy area to the right is a tree lawn

Alternative forms[edit]


tree lawn (plural tree lawns)

  1. (Midwestern US) The grassy area between the sidewalk and the street.
    • 1998, D. Gail Abbey, U.S. Landscape Ordinances: An Annotated Reference Handbook:
      Detached sidewalks generally occur in residential areas and are normally separated from the curb by a tree lawn.

Usage notes[edit]

Designation of this area varies significantly from dialect to dialect; some dialects and idiolects do not include a term for this area,[1] and instead use a circumlocution.[2] The most common designations are planting strip, parking strip, nature strip and tree lawn.


(grassy area between sidewalk and street): berm (regional, with other meanings), besidewalk, boulevard, boulevard strip, city easement (regional, with other meanings), common, county strip, curb lawn, curb strip, devil strip/devil's strip/devilstrip (Akron, Ohio), drivestrip/drive strip, easement, extension lawn, furniture zone, grass bay, grassplot, hellstrip, island strip, landscape zone, long acre, median, mow strip, nature strip (Australia), neutral ground, parking, parking strip, parkrow, parkstrip/park strip, parkway (Chicago, Illinois), parkway strip, planter zone, planting strip, right-of-way, road allowance, roadside, shoulder, sidewalk buffer, sidewalk lawn, sidewalk plot, sidewalk strip, street lawn, subway, swale, terrace, tree belt, tree box, utility strip, verge (England, Australia, New Zealand)


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