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tree +‎ -let


treelet (plural treelets)

  1. a small tree
    • 2000 May 26, Richard Condit et al., “Spatial Patterns in the Distribution of Tropical Tree Species”, in Science[1], volume 288, number 5470, DOI:10.1126/science.288.5470.1414, pages 1414-1418:
      At one extreme, the two plots in Malaysia are in tall, evergreen forest; have no regular dry season; and include over 800 tree and treelet species each.
    • 1920, Anne Elizabeth Caldwell (MacClanahan) Grenfell and Katie Spalding, Le Petit Nord[2]:
      The people are sorely in need of firewood, and not being far-seeing enough to realize what a menace it is to the country to denude it so unscientifically, they have razed every treelet.
    • 1913, Stewart Edward White, The Land of Footprints[3]:
      A single tiny treelet broke the plain just at the skyline of the rise.
    • 1901, Stewart Edward White, The Claim Jumpers[4]:
      Once a redbird shot confidently down from above on half-closed wing, caught sight of these intruders, brought up with a swish of feathers, and eyed them gravely for some time from a neighbouring treelet.