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trend +‎ watcher


trendwatcher (plural trendwatchers)

  1. One who studies trends and attempts to predict future trends.
    • 1991, Kurt Finsterbusch, Annual Editions: Sociology, 91-92:
      During the '90s, some social trendwatchers believe, the same overwhelming urge to join will drive aging yuppies off their treadmills and into the streets.
    • 2005, Evelyn L. Brannon, Fashion forecasting:
      With experience, a trendwatcher becomes skilled at spotting the elusive and subtle shifts that signal fashion change.
    • 2007, Kees Dorst, Understanding design:
      Trendwatchers make good money out of this uncertainty and fear of the future. They specialise in self-fulfilling prophecies: what they claim will be the new fashion, will probably become the fashion because they say so []