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trickery +‎ -ation


trickeration (plural trickerations)

  1. (colloquial, humorous, dialect) Trickery.
    • 1965, Langston Hughes, "Bomb Shelters", in Simple's Uncle Sam.
      "What trickeration?" I inquired. "Atom bomb shelters." said Simple. "Harlem landlords have no intention of building bomb shelters for their roomers.
    • 1995, Peter Heller, Bad Intentions: The Mike Tyson Story, page 210:
      "I'm a victim of trickeration. I think I'm destined to be investigated until I die," he says, [....]
    • 2005, Jeff Hull, Pale Morning Done: A Novel, page 214:
      Rather, he hoped there was some legal trickeration he could deploy to get a retroactive water right filed and end-run the opposition.