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Shortened from zum Trotz (dem), compare trotzdem.


  • IPA(key): /trɔts/, ['tʰʁ̞̊ɔtʰs], ['trots]


trotz ‎(+ dative or genitive)

  1. in spite of, despite

Usage notes[edit]

  • The word demands the dative, as it is shortened from either the phrase zum Trotz or from constructions with the verb trotzen, both of which demand the object to be in dative case. Compare trotzdem from the same sources, which is a connection of this word with the required dative article. This is by far the predominant usage.
  • Due to hypercorrection, a usage with the genitive is often encountered when a formal tone is desired. This usage is also recorded in the official dictionary of Germany, the descriptivist Duden. Compare the similar but inverse development for wegen. Usage with the genitive is less common in Austria and in Switzerland than in Germany.

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