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Alternative forms


From Yiddish תּחת(tokhes, buttocks), in turn from Hebrew תַּחַת(tákhat, buttocks).


  • IPA(key): (influenced by Litvish) /ˈtɒxəs/, (influenced by Poylish) /ˈtʊxəs/ (Many English speakers can’t pronounce the phoneme /x/ and commonly replace it here with /k/.)


tuchus (plural tuchuses)

  1. (slang, chiefly US) The buttocks, rear end, butt.
    • 2006, Howard Jacobson, Kalooki Nights, Vintage 2007, p. 66:
      he sat on the top of mountains and read Wordsworth and Lenin aloud to extravagantly beautiful shikseh waitresses with golden pigtails down to their tocheses (no one ever said arse in this gathering, it was always toches) who repaid him with free Glühwein and he wasn't prepared to tell me what else.