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tumble +‎ -y


tumbly (comparative more tumbly, superlative most tumbly)

  1. Moving by, or as if, tumbling.
    • 1986, Ann Marie Maderis, Bacterial Chemotaxis: Che Genes and Their Products (page 9)
      Chey is thought to function at the flagellar motor to elicit a tumbly behavior (Parkinson, 1977). Mutations in chey result in incessantly smooth-swimming behavior.
  2. Heaped up in a formless mass; tumbled together.
    • 1934, Nature Magazine (volumes 23-24, page 194)
      I suppose it is unnecessary to stress the importance of color filters in photography. A sunset, a marine view or a tumbly mass of clouds will show the necessity of a set of color filters.