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tweet (to post an update to Twitter) +‎ -fest


tweetfest (plural tweetfests)

  1. (slang, Internet) An episode of frenzied and/or mass tweeting.
    • 2009, Diane Pucin, "Lance Armstrong to ride in the Tour of California", Los Angeles Times, 23 October 2009:
      In a scripted tweetfest, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger questioned Armstrong about his possible participation. Armstrong tweeted, "Absolutely!@schwarzenegger, I've decided to ride the #Amgen Tour of California in 2010. Can't wait. What about you @levileipheimer??"
    • 2011, Dan Shaughnessy, "Not a lot of budging by Selig", Boston Globe, 13 July 2011:
      Old School was on parade late yesterday morning in a conference room on the second floor of the downtown Sheraton here. Seventy-six-year-old Commissioner Bud Selig, on the job almost 20 years, was on hand to answer questions for the Baseball Writers of America and it felt like we were all stuck in the 1950s.
      This was no new-media tweetfest. If lodge members had been better-dressed and better-looking, we could have been on the set of “Mad Men.’’
    • 2013, Brian Reade, "Nigella Lawson pictures show it's time for real men to man up", The Mirror (UK), 20 June 2013:
      Had Kerry Katona been snapped getting throttled by her partner outside a Toby Carvery in Warrington, and stayed silent, I’m sure there’d have been a tweetfest about Little Miss Thickoe betraying her gender by failing to report the Neanderthal scumbag.
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