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twelve +‎ -ness


twelveness (uncountable)

  1. The property of being twelve in number.
    • 1932, Ernest Dimnet, What we live by
      Or walk into a shop and you will see twelveness associated with whiteness and roundness and, I hope, freshness, in a box of eggs.
    • 1988, Keith Critchlow, "Forward", The Theology of Arithmetic, Phanes Press, pages 15-16
      The geometrical basis of materiality consists of the tetrahedron or 'fourness' of fire or light, the octahedrality of 'sixness' of the gaseousness of air, the icosahedrality or 'twelveness' of the liquidity of water, and the cubic 'eightness' of the solid earthiness.
    • 1994, Michael S. Schneider, A beginner's guide to constructing the universe
      Even the proportions of everyday weights and measures were based on the natural twelveness evident in mathematics []