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twerk +‎ -er


twerker (plural twerkers)

  1. A person who twerks.
    • 2007, Mike Bushnell, "Superman that ... album", The Maneater (University of Missouri), 5 October 2007:
      And some of the songs are good at least for a few laughs, including "Booty Meat," in which Soulja Boy demands all the boppers, twerkers and the like "shake that booty meat," over and over.
    • 2013, John Harlow, "Nowhere to hide in age of social media", The Australian, 1 September 2013:
      It will bring her back into the Disney fold as an adult and perhaps enable her to find a healthy balance between her warring halves - the publicity-seeking twerker and, somewhere still inside, the charming Smiley Miley Cyrus.
    • 2013, Daniel Miller, "Girl sets herself on fire after roommate opens door while she was twerking against it doing a headstand", Daily Mail, 6 September 2013:
      It may be the hot dance craze of the moment, but one hapless young twerker appears to take things a little too far when she literally sets herself on fire in the middle of a raunchy routine.