twice as less

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twice + as + less.


twice as less (not comparable)

  1. (nonstandard, proscribed) Half as much.
    • 1987, Orr, Eleanor Wilson, Twice as Less[1], W. W. Norton & Co.:
    • 2015 July 27, Yaroslav Vlasov, “Electioneering games in Siberia”, in Open Democracy:
      The governing party receives twice as less votes here than it does on average across Russia.
    • 2002, Claude R. Phipps, editor, High-power Laser Ablation III, SPIE, page 415:
      But this[sic] two oncoming waves move with velocity approximately twice as less as previous component: [] .
    • 2011, Cai Jinfa, Eric J. Knuth, editors, Early Algebraization: A Global Dialogue from Multiple Perspectives, Springer, page 83:
      The children also are able to construct a table to assist them in determining how many runs must be made by a truck and a trailer in order to transport 1080 tons of coal, if the truck can haul 30 tons per load and the trailer can carry twice as less coal per load.

Usage notes[edit]

In order for the term to make proper sense, the subject should have a quantity that is multiplicative (or at least additive). It is preferable, however, to use a positive expression for the quantity, such as in half as much or half as many.

It may be seen used colloquially when the quantity is not multiplicative, as a form of emphatic. For example: He is twice as less intelligent than his father. The 'positive' expression (in this case, half as) is still preferred.