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English numbers
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    Cardinal : two
    Ordinal : second
    Adverbial : twice
    Multiplier : double


From twi- meaning two or both.



twice ‎(not comparable)

  1. Two times.
    • 1898, Winston Churchill, chapter 5, The Celebrity:
      He could not be induced to remain permanently at Mohair because Miss Trevor was at Asquith, but he appropriated a Hempstead cart from the Mohair stables and made the trip sometimes twice in a day.
    • 1934, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
      Santa Claus is coming to town. / He’s making a list, / And checking it twice, / He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. / Santa Claus is coming to town.
  2. (nonstandard, proscribed) Half, used in phrases like twice as less (meaning "half as much").
    • 1826, John Nicholson, The Operative Mechanic, and British Machinist: Being a Practical Display of the Manufactories and Mechanical Arts of the United Kingdom, volume 1, H.C. Carey & I. Lea, page 78:
      Thus it appears that if the machine is turning twice as slow as before, there is more than twice the former quantity in the rising buckets; and more will be raised in a minute by the same expenditure of power.
    • 1896, Livingston Stone, Domesticated Trout: How to Breed and Grow Them, edition fourth, page 304:
      You can't get anything thinner than a spring shad, unless you take a couple of them, when, of course, they will be twice as thin.
    • 2010, Julia Ain-krupa, Roman Polanski: A Life in Exile, ABC-CLIO, page 31:
      Standing in the lower portion of the boat, he apologizes while Krystyna paces above him, saying that he's just like Andrzej, “only half his age and twice as dumb.”
  3. In a doubled quantity or extent.
  4. To a doubled degree.

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